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101 How to Measure and Record Golf Performance 

This empowers the student to obtain far more improvement from golf lessons. It does this by giving the student the questions to ask and the statements to make to the instructor that rarely occur, but should. The first PGA instructor to see this said, I wish every student of mine should ask these questions at every lesson. This would be in the PGA Instructors Manual.


Golfers unknowingly aim their clubface and align their bodies in directions and distances from the intended starting line that cause the ball to fly in directions they do not want. It is common to find golfers aim and align inaccurately by 10 to more than 40 yards. When someone else tells them where they actually aim and align, they express dismay. All golfers aim and align inaccurately, often wildly so, even the super-stars. This tells you where to aim and align, how to do it accurately and how to obtain on-going feedback to prevent directional errors. Read and apply this for the rest of your golfing career and you will aim and align more accurately than 999 golfers in a 1,000 do.


My research reveals that by the end of the lesson, students do not recall 50% to 90% of the lesson content. They forget more of it as time passes. Other recall procedures do not work well. Notes instructors write after the lesson is over surprisingly omit most of the instruction content. Students tell me they like videos, but the problem is they seldom view them, if ever. Recall soars when students take immediate notes frequently during the lesson, repeat it back for additions and corrections, store the notes in the golf bag for ready accessibility and re-read them before and during practice sessions and rounds. This tells you how to do this. The students report voluntarily over five years later that this process really helps them to recall and apply the instruction details.

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