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Dear Ed,

It was delightful being with you yesterday. You are right; I am a golf enthusiast. I love the game and until recently have not had a lot of time to work on it. I was more than glad when Nina asked me to be the student in your time with her yesterday. Selfishly, I suspected there was going to be some lessons given and I was right. Just as your card says about your instruction, "It is the process all golfers and instructors should use to transform golf instruction from any source into a lower average score. They achieve it quickly and sustain it long term." Your confidence, my results and the ease with which I remember what I need to go and do, all show me how right your words are.

By the way, your website is remarkable. You are generous to offer such a significant amount of wisdom and so many ways to improve one's game. Because my son is getting married this weekend, it will have to be next week before I get back to reading at length your articles. What you have invested in this website is a treasure for all who want to get better at golf.

It was an honor to share lunch. I hope we can do that again one of these days.

Candidly, it is refreshing to find another soul so fascinated by the game of golf and who makes the connection with behavior modification. The connection to business is clear. And you have started my wheels spinning about how I can use that as a minister of the gospel. You are sharing some really good stuff and I thank you. It was fun meeting you and learning from our quick two hours together. I really look forward to getting better with your kind of results.

Please take care and thank you again.

Fred Rose

Hi Ed,

Currently our women are all home for the summer practicing and working out on their own. I put together a practice manual for them and used the chipping to a coin drill that was in your info. What I am going to do is send them a new drill to add to their practice every few weeks. So far the feedback on the coin drill has been great. Several listed that they experienced almost instant positive results.

I have a young team, we did win the AMC conference this year and participated in the NAIA national tournament finishing 24th out of 28. Our roster was made up of all freshmen and we have some great recruits joining us this fall. Without a doubt the area we have to grow in if we want to reach our goal of a national championship is from 100 yards in. Just a couple observations on this:

  • I did not feel like we attacked the pin with our approach shots - often we were short, not sure if we were not confident or what. Many times the place to play in our events is to be under the hole for sure but we often left the ball short of the green forcing a birdie or par chip.
  • My next observation is in the chipping game and we have grown here in this. I am a believer of getting the ball down on the ground and rolling ASAP. Some of the ladies have resisted this and still opt for a wedge but more of them are buying in to this.
  • Lastly, this involves the total game is length. We are working on getting physically stronger but any suggestions you may have as to how I can stretch them out off the tee and with their hybrids and middle irons would be great.

Thanks Ed for your interest and time.
Kevin Longanecker
Walsh University

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