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I give a small number of private golf lessons for research purposes. In most cases, I prefer to work with the student and his or her instructor together. In that way, I can help two people as they learn and apply Behavioral Golf Instruction.

When I am writing a new protocol to put in my web site ApplyGolfLessons.com for widespread distribution to students and instructors, I prefer to give the lesson myself and improvise on the spot during the lesson. That output of that lesson may be a video, audio, written protocol, chapter in my eBook or my forthcoming hard cover book.

I give those lessons in and around Wellington, FL (the West Palm Beach) during the winter and spring months and Richmond, VA in the summer and early fall.

The students can be members of a professional tour, beginners, ailing seniors, juniors looking to make a school team and those who consider themselves “failures.” They all improve by applying Behavioral Golf Instruction.

My excitement surges when golfers tells me they have taken a hundred lessons or more elsewhere and their average score rose or remained the same.

You can reach me through my email address: edfeeney@applygolflessons.com

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