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When practicing, golfers rarely, if ever, receive feedback on their clubhead speed. All other factors being the same, increased clubhead speed translates into greater shot distance. I believe that clubhead speed will increase during practice by providing accurate and immediate feedback of clubhead speed to the golfer over many shots and an extended period. The golfer can obtain such feedback by purchasing or borrowing a relatively inexpensive electronic gadget that provides clubhead speed and an estimate of how far the last shot would travel. Such devices also provide average clubhead speed and distance by club over many shots.

If the golfer pays close attention to what effects certain changes in his or her swing have on clubhead speed and estimated distance on the last shot, some improvement is likely. The golfer should also try to detect any change in specifically defined feel to see if it has any effect on clubhead speed and estimated distance.

I have not tested this theory yet, but I will. My expectation that clubhead speed and estimated distance will improve comes from tens of thousands of examples where new or improved feedback caused positive change almost immediately and with almost all performers in all types of settings in business and sports.

I believe that having the golfer record data on this form after every shot causes the golfer to become more aware of what those speed and distance readings are. In addition, if the golfer becomes more acutely aware of any accidental variations in the swing and its effects on clubhead speed and estimated distance, improvement is more likely. Let me know of your experiments, as I will with many of you.

Golfers will likely benefit by improving physical fitness. One excellent experiment showed that male seniors improved clubhead speed more by lifting weights than by stretching exercise. Obtaining effective golf instruction from a professional instructor can be of substantial help, but finding the right one is not always easy.


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